Monday, April 11, 2005

Prawns Ahoy!

Yesterday was the first time in months when I had a real blast with friends, this is what i did through out the day:

Started out with Sudipta in the morning, ordered Chicken Butter Masala, Chicken Lollypops, and plenty of rotis... ended up with Chicken Masala, because the waiter had forgotten the "Butter" part... went to proper Bombay, met up with Kanti and Anushua and Vatsal. Went to Mondy for a pitcher of beer... after that went for a movie "Meet the Fockers", It was hilarious!!

After that, went to Mondy again for another bottle o' beer. Met up with rohit, sat and chatted on Marine Drive with the guys, ogled at girls, then looked thrugh some book shops with rohit for books, bought three of them, Freud, Lajja, Mein Kampf... by then, i was yearning for another beer, so i went back to Mondy and grabbed another bottle, this time, had a Heineken, (Boy! does it taste gooooood!!!)

Went to Hotel Civil after that, a small out of the way restaurant in Crawford Market, and had loads of chicken and prawns for just 60 bucks a head... Chicken Afghani, Chicken Butter Masala, Prawn fries, and 6 rotis... (alone!!)

then went out and had another beer and parted ways with a goodbye fag...

wow... thats a lot of beer, five bottles straight, even for me!!!

What the hell!!

" Hum, Rahe ya Naa Rahe Kal,
Kal Yaad AAyenge yeh Pal,
Kal, Sochey Kya, Chhoti Si,
Hai Zindagi,
Kal, Mil Jaaye, to hogi,
Khush Naseebi,

Hum, rahe ya naa rahey yaad aayengey yeh Pal..."

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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