Thursday, April 28, 2005

Seven Reasons Why a Blog is Better Than a Woman!

This was essentially a comment that I had posted on Sagnikda's blog. He thought that I should post this on my blog... Here goes:

Seven Reasons why a Blog is better than a Woman

A blog doesnt complain when you comment on another blog.

A blog does not remember whether you ogled at another blog.

A blog does not need much time to post to.

A blog does not ask for teddy bears.

Blogs are for free!

You feel pride when others ogle at your blog.

A blog does not ask for a night out.

Therefore, dump your girlfriend (if ya have one) and get a Blog...



Love, laughter n keep the faith



Sagnik Nandy said...

eeeesh! why would you refer to me as Sagnik "Da" :((

Debalina said...

I am looking at you with an eyebrow raised......^o)

EvolutioN said...



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