Friday, May 20, 2005

Looking at the tinted glasses...

Tinted glass makes for nice viewing. You get to see everything in a unique colour and a unique light. Thats kinds strange, given the fact that everything should be seen as it is, not as it should be. Even in something as dry as the legal profession, there is scope to look at everything in colour. One can definitely say that, right man, this is what it is, this is what it should be, and this is what it has been over the years.

Looking at everything over the past few days (I can only say that its "Few" because there has been only a few days... even though its been almost 2 1/2 months). Time has sure flown by, and for me, I have still to learn lots of things before I move out of this place. Which I have to, eventually. S has recieved intimation that she has to leave for Petroleum. Thats bad. I feel kinda sad for her. Though we have had our share of the problems... she's a nice girl... I wish her all the best... I know that she would outshine me... in every respect. But then, there are times when I think why I had not met her before Hermione... hah!!! what's happened has happened...

Blogging sure takes up a lot of energy, and for one who writes his daily diaries like I do, mebbe this is the only way in which I can give up on the energies that I have accumulated over the days. Its a contented feeling that I have after I have published my blog.

Now Its time that's come to leave you,
One more time let me kiss you,

Oh Babe... I SURE AS HELL hate to leave you...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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