Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Something that all of us have experienced at some point of life or other... I guess that its been a long time that I havent been hurt. The past few months have been so wonderful for me, that its been a dream going through them. I hope that I do not ever wake up, even when someone shakes me hard by the shoulders. I hope that I could talk to her throughout the night, but its the very fact that there are so many expectations on me that I should perhaps be regarded as the numero-uno pressure handler in the world.

But I am not, just ask me why? Its because I, standing in my own little alcove, am under the impression that all the problems of the world, I have seen them all. However, what I perhaps do not understand, or fail to understand is the fact that there are many out there who would do anything to let the world of trouble get off their shoulders.

However, I have a distinct advantage over them. It happens to be the fact that I now have not just a pair, but four pair of shoulders to share my worries and my pains, my joys and elations. I am in no mood to write a post that is long wnough to fill two mahabharats (R, This one's for ya!!!)

Yanyway, till the next time, alviday!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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