Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bangalore Ahoy!

I have finally come here, what with the high hopes of making it to the blogosphere at least once a day, I could find time enough to make it once in five days!!!

Yanyway, the journey has been long, and the roams have been equally arduous, but the fact still remains that I do,and do not like Bangalore. One reason that I do like it is because of the weather. I love the weather in Bangalore. It has been raining on and off over the past few days, and I have been having a whale of a time. I have met up with Happy, made some new friends, met up with Debalina, and generally had a good time.

The bakeries are one aspect of Bangalore which continue to fascinate me. The food is so goddamn cheap that it is indeed a revelation as to how any food outside Calcutta could be so cheap. But the one thing that kills you is the transportation. Its way too costly. Taking buses are very confucing business, since I do not know the roads well enough, and taking the autos are way too costly,so I have to make do with a bit of both!!!

Let us see where this holds out...

Love,laughter n keep the Faith



APOO said...

Good luck bro. Enjoy the city while you can.

mighty_gaurav said...

arrey Happy maney Engineering porchey? Jodhpur park ey thake?

EvolutioN said...




Why do u think that you know everyone under the sun??? And please, dont u know that its very rude to speak in a language that everyone does not comprehend???

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Hey, you will love Bangalore in time. Its lovable a city. I am always waiting eagerly to return to Bangalore...Its simply small n nice..n everyone knows all the languages...


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