Friday, December 30, 2005

Qúe Pásá?

Questions and comments are a matter of everyday affair for us bloggers. However, a serious comment and counter comment session erupted between me and Yossarian, and I think that I can understand his emotions at the moment. I empathise, Yossarian, I really do, but that does not mean that I agree to whatever you have to say.

Thia all started as a question that Sayak had come up with. He had come up with this problem.

One of my long-time friendz, let's call him a. I was talking to a. yesterday when he told me about his girlfriend r. who though says she likes him no end (a. suspectz because of his pedigree in education - he comes from one of the "elite" schools in the city and attendz one of the more intellectually famed institutions), cannot stop talking about a certain senior, j., in her college, who she has great adventures with. a. obviously can't meet her because he spends most of time working - in college or outside - and r. attendz a rezidential college outside. a. is in a fix. when r. iz with him, she's all for him. but on the phone, she's always feeding him thingz about j.'s superb physique, brilliant posture, his academic brilliance et. al. however, and quite surprizingly whenever r. and a. have a really romantic converzation, or when they're planning when to meet up etc., surprizingly r. haz only sad thingz to say about j., about his prominent vernacular accent, his unappealing demeanour, his cheapskatedness... the list goez on. what I, Glynk, want to gather iz whether a. should continue with r. or zhould he set his sightz elsewhere.
To which, I had replied in not so many words:
about the problem... I think a and r should stick to what they do best... talk on the phone... as for a, he should sort out his priorities... Long distance relationships usually take a huuuuge toll on the people involved... (believe me, i know :)) he should be plucky enough, and ask her whether she is interested in settling down with him later on or not... if not, just move on and get himself a new girlfriend... as for r, i think its just a crush... if she truly loves a, its gonna get ova soon... he he, trust me, I know (yet again!!!)...
Yossarian had a very unusual take on the whole thing. I know that he is going through a very difficult phase at the moment, and maybe (?) he does have the justification for this, but I emphatically state that I do not agree to this philosophy, even when I have had the darkest phase in my own life. He had to say...
i agree with you on the issue of long distance relation , but if our man a here is opf glynk's age I think it's too early to think of stable relations. Dude enjoy life . And trust me , life is best spent on a girl's bed .That's the way to go .Simply do not get carried away with this emotional bull crap . Remember , it's all about hormones.
Hey Yossarian, is it just that? Is it only about Hormones??? I do not think so... Not for you, at least. And the very fact that you have changed yourself so much from those early days is proof enough that you have evolved. Yossarian, yet again, I win... I am Evolution, after all...
None can deny me...
Love, laughter n keep the Faith

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