Wednesday, December 28, 2005

To sin or love?

To Sin or To Love? If you are in search for love, do understand that it hides from hate.

Just as how the birds fly south for the winter, so does love from hate. Leave your heart to bicker with your mind and at the end one would surely win, Though if the mind does dominate the heart, you’d indeed live a life of sin.

Only the heart could understand the needs of love and its true depth, With the mind in control of the soul, one is lead to an early death. Have you ever heard how the strings of the heart work?

They struggle to keep one alive though at times remain in the dark.

Apologies to those who cannot understand the context of the post. They need not.

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Nahuatl said...

I understand. Read my blog. :)

EvolutioN said...

i did... read my comment...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


Nahuatl said...

Sorry.. but I was talking abt the post tht I didn't publish yet =))))

I will publish it tonite. Then read it ;)


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