Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pulp Fiction...

"Shh... What are you doing? What if someone sees us?", asks the girl, all shy and demure at the thought of the guy's hands roaming all over.

"Its ok baby... its just me... there's nothing that you have to worry about! Enjoy maadi!", the guy growls back...

"Foutre Vous, Idiot!", the chick is crying now, looking at the mess he has caused...

"Love and lust go hand in hand baby, I love you baby... its ok...", the guy says.

"Awww, Come on, I dont need that sh!t... Know what would happen if momma saw us? We would be FUBAR..."

"Nothing! She would as happy for you!"

"Are you mad? Momma is going to kill us..."

"Shhhh... Trust me, its ok, you got the rubber?"

"The glove, you mean? So this is what you had wanted it for..."

"Naturally baby... help me get off honey..."

"Get off what?"

"Like you dont know! Come here hon, Help me..."

"Talli hokey girne se,
Samjhi hamne gravity,
Ishq ka practical kiya to,
Aayi humme clarity?
, get out of my kitchen"

"awww baby, it was just a cake... ur mom would have pleased if I had made one for her, its her birthday na???"

"Get out! Get out! I would make it... Now get the baking pot outta the oven will ya?"

"Done, but I deserve half of the credit!"

And so, a son-in-law-hopeful plans to please his future mom-in-law...


Love, laughter and keep the Faith



Debalina said...

Outright hillarious but how does this line come in baking a cake,plz elaborate :

"Love and lust go hand in hand baby, I love you baby... its ok...", the guy says.

EvolutioN said...

cake... smear... yummy... licking it off bare skin... (or licking the cream off the bare skin).. outright erotic... I should be banned from blogging!!!


Love, laughter n keep the Faith



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