Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ab naa jaa...

Is it the beginning of another mushy post? I dont think so... Although it is true that I AM missing her, that does not necessarily mean that I would go on writing one mushy post after the other...

Though it is a fact that I would have loved to hold her in my arms right now, it does not mean that there is nothing in the world which does not interest me... Though there are other facts of life which are as living and vibrant as she is, I take my mind off her to devote my time somewhat to those few facets of life which demand my attention equally.

A job. A job is all I had wanted. And at the moment, I am with a job which can be said to be a dream come true for me. A superb company, an MNC with operations spanning four continents. Take-overs and mergers happening every second. Loads of IP attached. Learning opportunity like never before. What more could an aspiring IP lawyer like me ask for?

I know that there are far greater challenges which lie ahead of me. However, I do not wish to spoil being in the moment for those challenges, which might or might not come right away. Living in the moment is what I believe in, and that is what I have been programmed (??) to do.

Not taking away from the fact as to the contributions of all my friends (few and far between that they have been). They have stood by me when it really mattered. And they have been by me throughout. But what talk of friends can be complete without the mention of them by name? I take this opportunity to remember all the friends that I have had in the University.

(a) Arjya: Brilliant guy. Brilliant friend. He was one of the very few who stood by me when I was going through the very worst phase of my life. I have much that I owe to him. If I could even repay a part of what he has done for me, I would be very very happy.

(b) Deepto: One of the first seniors to have befriended me, he became an idol of my life. He still is. Just that we find it difficult to keep in touch, given the rising telephone bills that I already have!

(c) Krishnayan: One of the very few people whom I still regard as my friend. An exceptional thinker and a repository of knowledge, he has been a steadfast friend and one who almost always knows what to do.

(d) Shibani: A person whom I had considered to be a friend at one point of time, things had got a bit sour between us, but am happy that at some time, I was a good friend of this exceptional woman.

(e) Sayantani: The lesser said the better. Just that some things happened that I did not foresee. Even upto a few days before. I tried. Period!

(f) Soumya: ... really... regret everything I did. But do not regret that shes gone. Whatever happened, happened for the best. And because of that whatever that happened, I am with Ria today.

(g) Shameek: A good friend who suddenly lost touch with me, I do not know why he suddenly decided to move apart. I just know that he is smart and capable. And that he is intelligent.

(h) Rohit: How much more do I talk about this guy? Brilliant individual, this one. And now that he is getting his taste of the world, I know that it would be rocking...

(i) Saurya: Good friend, brilliant statesman, absolutely hopeless lover, nice guy... well, thats about it...

(j) Pingal: Very confused, that more or less sums up Pingal Khan... But a nice guy nonetheless. Someone who knows what he wants from life, yet is exceedingly confused about how to get to it. God bless him.

(k) Shravya: Talented woman, who has been at the forefront of almost all the college activities, she is one who did not have hangups with being so talented. One who knew how to handle people, she was good with organising events, and being a generally friendly soul.

(l) Paramita: One of the very few females whom I have interacted with over a period of four years without having a single fight!!! thats how i would always remember her. Shes sweet, but beneath that soft exterior lies a hard, rough-playing go getter. I like her because of both the reasons.

(m) Shraddha: Yeh Dil Maange Mor... used to be our catchline as this vivacious woman used to bounce about the classroom all the time. Time has mellowed her, and she is today a much more feminine version of the Shraddha of yore... Like her because she is always after my life trying to make me quit smoking. he he... funny girl...

(n) Mickey: No description would be complete without the mention of the one and only Mickendranath, the one Mickey. He is perhaps the most perceptive all the seniors that I have been with. An eternal optimist at heart, he would not think twice before treating his friends, of course only on his own money. A favourite of both mine and Saurya, we would go to him for solicitations or advice whenever we needed it, and he would give it to us, free of charge... Great guy!!!

Truthfully speaking, maybe there are none out there who deserve to be mentioned inside my university (past and present) apart from these few. And I do not regret that. What I do regret, however, is that at least two of these people never undertsood me for what I was... And at the moment, I HATE one of them. For those who know me, they know whom I am talking about. Sorry Bo, its not you whom I am referring to.

I am tired, and there are three days left for exams. F***.

Love, laughter and keep the Faith



yossarian said...

Thanx for considering me a friend .It's been an experience knowing ya.
Well , am I confused ? Tell me how ? Obviously in private .

EvolutioN said...


not just me, my friend, my girlfriend thinks so too!!! he he

btw, psst, come here, i would tell ya...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



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