Thursday, March 30, 2006

Aah, Meter Down...

Kisi ka chutta, Kisi ki daulat,
Kisi ka note, kisi ki mohabbat,
Yahan pe zindagi ki har khushi,
Rupaiya hai yah dollar hai ya pound...

Evolution has been really busy over the past few days. He has done everything, from fixing up an accomodation, to savouring the most exclusive of treats from the land of Biryani. But now that he is back and weighed himself, he has suddenly found the overt desire to start pulling metal again. he he, so much for the drunken sprees.

Anyway, the point is that I have found a really nice accomodation for myself. I am damn excited because its the first place that I can really call my own. My very own flat!!!

I was listing out everything that I would decorate the flat with, and I have loads and loads of plans. I hafta get a good name plate for myself. That is an absolute must. Then, the cots, the coolers, the internet connection, the bike (THE BIKE).

That's another decision that I hafta make for myself. Which bike I go for. I have come down to a tough decision. It has to be either of the three.

(a) Bullet Thunderbird: This absolutely wins hands down for me, but for the cost factor. I know that it would be impossible to start off with this, but I would own this beauty, somehwhere down the line. This is one bike which makes me drooool.

(b) TVS Fiero F2: This beauty from the TVS stable is another one of my options. Stunning to look at, this also gives good performances on city roads, and all that good looks do not go to waste.

(c) Bajaj Pulsar: This beast from the Bajaj stable is absolutely stunning to look at, and low grumble of the beast when you ride it is absolutely adrenaline pumping. Stunning road presence, and an awesome lot of power make it a natural choice for me.

Ask me, and I really do not know which one I would go for, but given a chance, I would go for the Thunderbird anyday. I will own that beauty one day. Certainly.

Adios amigos people!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



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would do that... someday... as of the moment, time for love!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



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