Sunday, September 10, 2006


Bhalobashaa maney dhoa chaarar protisruti,
Bhalobaasha maney elo chul matoara,
Bhalobasha maney shomoi thamaar agey,
Bhalobasha tomar shudui haasha...

Does loving mean that ONLY? Or does it encompass a brilliant penumbra of dark-light region that nobody, not even alcohlics, in their "moments of clarity" can describe?

Bhalobasha maney durobhaash nishchupey,
Shuney feley onubhutir haashi?
Bhalobasha nandonik jatayatey,
Bhalobasha maney Chourasia'r baashi...

Suddenly, am reeling back in time to those times when I was in DN 61, me, Arjya... Arjya with his guitar... me with the crazy fags sticking out of my mouth... Porosh Pathor running 24 X 7 behind us... Arjya... and his guitar...

I miss you da... take care of urself... wherever u are...

Bo... I had fallen in love with u... but I am sorry for whatever happened between us... I hope you can forgive me...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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