Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Farewell Ruchi...

I remember Ruchi when we had to stay back one night to work on something. Ruchi was waiting for Sreekanth (bless that guy... hez got guts!!! ;)) to come back from somewhere outta town... We spoke about Ria, about me, about Sreekanth about her, about her nephews...

And thats exactly how I would like to remember Ruchi, a chirpy bubbly individual whom I have gotten myself in trouble with countless times, but every single time, have emerged someone who has learnt something of work and life.

A stickler for discipline, this girl had literally taught me the ropes of the place within a short time span of 6 months. Now when I look back, I see some parts of her coming out in my mails and the way I address people across the industry.

And now that person whom I could turn to when I seriously needed advice is leaving. She is getting married, starting on a new life, looking at new challenges.

All I can say is...

"Thank you Ruchi."

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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