Saturday, November 22, 2008

For that brief fleeting moment I only heard the insane rev of the motor alongside me and the fact that the guy was still leaning into his curve to squeeze into the gap between Eleanor's front tire and the truck. I engaged the clutch, slowly depressed the front brakes to gently lean away from the maniac.

The dude on the R15 thought I had given way. Smirking under the lid, I let the truck get out of the way, revved the engine all the way to the 9ks, got alongside the R15, looked at him from behind my Fasttracks, mouthed "hasta la vista baby", and holding the throttle wide open gently released my pressure on the brake lever...

I could only see his jaw drop open as a 14 bhp, 13.5 Nm bike which had a stock everything, and at the moment was riding alongside, shot like a cannon on amphetamines, and made his "bigger" machine look like a toy. By the time he engaged his third, I had already whipped his arse black and blue. And everything in between.

Mu ha ha ha ha ha.

Eleanor! I love to take her dancing. :)




Anonymous said...

nice job bro!!! keep up the good work of showing ppl their place :D

SheDDeR v. 1.0 said...

please ride with care.
the artist who did my tattoo is a member of the royal enfield group of west bengal and is the one who informed about the 60 kph group, the true blue royal enfield group of india.
a real biker. his name is abhinandan, and his bike is sexy! i got to ride it. absolutely awesome. he's on my orkut friend list.

EvolutioN said...


Thanks man! :D

@ Shredder

Thank you! I do ride with a lot of care. I am one of the founder members of The Mustang Bikers, a bikers club in Bangalore. Do check us out at :)

My regards to Abhinandan. Will make it a point to visit him if i come to Kolkata.




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