Saturday, November 01, 2008

I have never felt more out of sorts, more out of place and more out of sync than when I was in law school.

Yet, just a couple of minutes back when I was seeing the snaps of the people from college, I craved to be back there one more time, just once, just for the sake of seeing the old familiar faces again.

For the love of God, it is not supposed to be like this! I am supposed to be strong and independent. Yet I was almost reduced to tears when I saw Her snap. All the poets are right. First Love. It was indeed very very special.

Some of these guys are married. Some soon to be. Most have put on weight. Some unimaginably! Yet, it is and was US! We made the school. We saw it grow. We saw it being made in front of our eyes. We are NUJS. A motley group of 150 odd people nurturing the hope that the seed they are planting today will grow into a mighty banyan tree.

I dont know what to say or how to say it. I am silenced.



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