Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sagnik: i liked chennai
but oh ho ho
calcutta is calcutta
and you kow what
u shud go there during the rains
calcutta comes alive during the rains
the city just sprouts greenery everywhere

To Each his own..

and its like one big daawat!
the gastronomic's delight
the street food is in a league of its own
oh sweet jesus
but tell me something
do u have anyone in kolkata to stay with?

Yes.. I am told that we have a few relative but I have never met them.. So But I also have a very few friends so may be I can stay with them

take a break and go stay in kolkata during the rains
go sit next to the ganges when its raining
are you a people person or an aloof character?
i am more of a loner
so i liked sitting there alone
and watch the steamers go by
and the rain lash the riverfront
calm seree
its like you have been transported back to the 19th century
nothing has actually changed in kolkata
steeped in colonialism
mad about football and street food
mad about beautiful bengali boudis
young ladies wearing laal paar shaari
and dhunuchi naach
durga pujo and chowmein from the road
mad mad mad jams
and frenetic policemen
the querulous bengali babu and the witty college going student
kumartuli, where you can see how the Durga prathimas are made
and the hardships when they dont sell
the stark contrast of the red brick buildings of the Writer's contrasted with the all glass Tata Centre
Babi Nobis and Jadu Babu Latu Babu
Robi Thakur and Binoy Badol Dinesh
Surya Sen and Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
Kolkata is, in sentence, a minboggling cornucopoiea of the old, the new, the rich, the poor, the east, the west, the Hindoos, Mussalmans, Sikhs, Christians, Zoroastrians, the street food, the French connection and the British Raaj, the Kolikata, the Sutanuti, the Gobindopur and the one city in the whole wide world where you have it all! ALL of it!

I miss Kolkata! :(



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