Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solo RIde to Maddur :)

Ok. So its a lazy Sunday morning. B-E-A-U-tiful day actually, and I am like. "Shit, I am so bored. What do I do? What do I do?".

Called up the brothers. Everyone seemed to be sleeping in. Rough week at work and all. :)

Ashish, though, made a genuine effort. However, some problem in the fuel supply of his Samurai. :( dammit. So rode out alone.

What a splendid ride it was! Overcast cloudy skies, massive tailwinds. Cold! :D Open 4 lane highways! Yum yum. :D

Rode to Maddur CCD. Then back to Maddur Tiffany's. Pulled over and had splendid Maddur Vadas and Parotas and PIPING hot coffee! :D

Photo session ensued, stole some ideas off the Slayer. All snaps up on A few of the choiciest ones here.

While riding back, crossed a whole team of superbikes. :D A 2008 Yammie R1, a 2007 CBR 1000 RR, a 2007 CBR 600 RR. Laughed inside the lid and carried on. Back to bangalore by 4 o clock in the evening. Short, splendid ride.

More of these soon! :D



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