Friday, July 09, 2004

Fe fi fo fum again

Am at it again. Making the people in my cubicle dance again. Supriyoda is going bonkers because of the songs that I have put on early in the morning. Shyam went dancing by just now. Thinks he enjoys the song “Mera Babu Chail Chabila”, what the hell! Everybody calls me the resident DJ of the 5th floor. Got to transfer some of the songs onto the discs. No space on the hard disc. Thinking of increasing the hard disc space. Gotta attach an extra disc. No money, shit!
Going home today. Chicken at home. Heavenly. Gotta start on the projects. Gore nalon ishq mithaa now. Shyam is dancing again. Hah hah, he is cute. Like the guy very much. Am very happy. Talked to the chick the other day in the mess. She is hot man. Wonder why she hasn’t got a Boyfriend by now. Has got a figure to die for. Aur kya chaal hai, ai hai! NO PUNS INTENDED!!!! Hey diary, you know what? You are very naughty!
Choti is umar mein lag gaya rog, kehte hai log, main mar jaaongi!
Beyonce cannot be 21. She oozes sexuality, you know. The guy Sean Paul is also a good singer. Hey diary, you heard that song “Get Busy”? The video is so damn hot. The chicks can move baby! Where the hell is Shakira? That babe also knew how to move. Of course, she was a trained belly dancer, that other chick, the one who acted in Kuch to Hai, what was her name? She also knew how to move, seen the song Ding Dong?
Anyway, the girls of the world, stand back, for nobody can replace the one and only, the one. Amisha. Oomph, sexuality, style poise, grace, can anybody hope of coming close? And to top it all, she has an amazing figure. Preity can be my sweetheart, but when the knees need to get weak, look no further baby, Amy is right here!!!!
Read a recent blog by Debalina. Am growing to like that gal. She’s got brains, and she uses them all right. She says that the average life of a person is divided into seven stages. And I feel that what she has to say is true down to the hilt. She has posted a new comment on my blog… like it… heard the song “But It Rained?”
They justify the cause, for which Daddy might give up his life,
It’s been so long so long but I still miss Daddy at night.
How I long for sunshine tomorrow, but it rained…
How true, my dad has been so very close to death that he could almost sniff it, and he has escaped. I guess Papa has given me the strength, that I now boast of. The strength to overcome anything, the strength to overcome any burden, any hassles, me the problem solver.
Wrapped in a polythene, tucked away safe in my mind.That’s what I could have experienced. Dad was in the army for five years, the SSC. I love you Papa. It’s time for some introspection. There has been so much in my life which I should be thankful for. The three square meals, the music, the friends, the teachers, my dad, MY BROTHER!!! But seriously, do we ever think of them?
We have taken them for granted. Nobody, I mean that, should be taken for granted, not even the person who cleans your bathroom. They are humans too, they need love too, it’s not a big deal that they clean your refuse does it? Life is too short to love everybody in the world. But what the hell, what do you lose? You don’t, seriously.
Try by loving the three legged dog in your neighborhood. Buy a few extra biscuits for the bent double woman tired of carrying the burden of the world on her shoulders. Love unconditionally, give without any hope of getting it back.
Seriously, love should be unconditional and without any strings attached. That makes it all worthwhile…
See ya tomorrow diary…

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