Saturday, July 03, 2004

At my own comp

I am turning, turning, turning around,
But all that I can I can see is just another lemon tree.

Motherfucking good song man.
Am in good spirits today.
Met this new girl who made my head turn. Not for the first time, what?
Have to admit, being the convenor of the Natcom has its advantages.
She flows, she flows like the wind,
Aicha lady, mine, mine, mine.

Khaled had done a damn good job of the song, but so did Outlandish.
That girl, Debalina has been in my mind for some time now.
She is kinda disturbing my thought, haven’t even talked to her.
Should do that, one lousy comment man. Am at my own comp today, FINALLY!
It’s an uphill climb, and I am feeling sorry,
But I know that it will come to you, yeah.
Don’t give up on your faith, love comes to those who believes it.

Winamp has indeed changed my life. What would I do without Mp3s?
Finally understood today that I need to change my getup.
The kaan-mein-baali stuff don’t work no more.
Someday, somewhere, together we would be baby.
Here by the ocean, waves carry words from you.
Does it? Young blood…is that it?
Need to pull metal again, am growing flabby. Rohit, live upto the enigma.
Can I really do that? Where the hell is Deepto? Why is he still not here?
Have to cut down on the oily stuff.
Come to think of it, don’t even know the girl’s name! What the hell!
If you miss the train I am on, you will know that I am gone,
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles.

Can anybody really be comfortably numb?
Is there anyone at home?
Ease the pain, but then, do ya really need drugs?
Know what? I have seen grown men cry. War man! War!
Hey diary, feel like doing something, but donno what to do.
Refuse to bite the dust, go on the leather hunt, but come back with the leather intact!
How true! “Am a serial monogamist”, that's what Monal had said, right in the first year.
How true, aren't we all? Do we stray into the behinds of other girls/ crotches of other guys when our girlfriends/boyfriends are with us?
Monal, you have a habit of saying the truth. Love ya.
Twirl, dance and shout, that's all that have been doing lately. Annual day coming up.
Should be a hell of a lot of fun, had a lot of fun in the first three of them.
Still remember DN 61. Carefully avoided the place where Bobby and Deepa used to stand, that little embankment. Me and Bo. Bo and me. Who the hell cares?
Am getting nostalgic. Would miss them. But still am in good spirits. Am feeling very sleepy, should sign off for the evening. Would post again in the night.


Debalina said...

Here's something, which I found on some blog. Thought you might like it , hopefully, you understand hindi :
Yeh Degree bhi lelo, Yeh Naukri bhi lelo,
Bhale mujhse lelo woh US ka Visa,
Magar mujhko lauta do college ka canteen,
Woh TeeKha Samosaa, Woh thanda saaa paani,
Woh Teekha Samosa, Woh thanda saaa paani...
Woh College ki sabse - purani nishaanee,
Woh chai vaalaa jisko - saare kehte the... jaani,
Woh jaani ke hathon - ki 'cutting' chai meethi,
Woh chup-kese journal - mein jo bheji thi chitthi,
Woh padhte hi chitthi - tha uska bhadakna,
Woh chehre ki laali, woh aankhon kaa gussaa ©...
Woh teekha samosa, woh thanda saaa paani.....
Kadi dhoop mein - apni room se nikalnaa,
Woh project ki Khatir - tha dar dar bhataknaa ,
Woh lecture mein doston - ki proxy lagaanaa,
Woh sir ko chidana, aeroplane udaanaa,
Woh submission ki raton - ko jagna jagaanaa,
Woh vivas ke kisse, woh pracs ki kahani....
Woh teekha samosa, woh thanda saaa paani....
Woh dena Bimaari - ka har time bahana,
Woh doosron ka assignment - ko apnaa banana,
Woh seminar ke din - pairon ka chat-patanaa,
Woh workshop mein din bhar - pasinaa bahanaa,
Woh slogans banana - aur Gym me rakhadna,
Phir Exam ke din ko - tha bechain hona,
Woh teekha samosa, woh thanda saaa paani....
College ki thi - woh lambi si raatein,
Woh doston se tapre pe - pyaari si Baatein;
Woh gathering ke din ka - jo ladnaa Jhagadnaa;
Woh kudiyon ka yuhin - hamesha akadnaa;
Bhulaaye nahin bhool sakta hai koi -------
Woh college, woh baatein, woh guzara jamana.
Woh teekha samosa, Woh thanda saaa paani...
Woh teekha samosa, Woh thanda saaa paani..

EvolutioN said...

thanks a lot Dabs,
yeah, i understand hindi... parna bhi aur bolna bhi....
aakhir st james ka ladka hu bhai!!! jo bhi ho, very true, i agree very much with what ya yhave to say... what the hell man, some duffer is gonna pay me 35 grands a month, but can neone give me back the laughter of the canteen? can someone give me back the times when we faced the warden after having a drink in the roomd? can someone return to me the days when i used to plead with this gal to let me take her out to the movoies??
naah, i think thats too much to hope for... ifeel old and worthless, u r so true when u say that those days are never going to return again...
i wish that i really could do something about it...
but u see, i cant...
as the great bard said....
men may come and men may go...

three cheers for our dear univ who made us from boys to men and girls to women!!!

Debalina said...

Hey !
Dont mind me saying this, but I already got a pathetic name, now please dont make Debs to Dabs.. It sounds very weird !
Well, enjoy the days you got in your hand, college wont last long and then you gonna miss it.

Am I cursing ..Jesus, I sound so !
Was trying to make a statement though...

Ashish Mulik said...

lol'z ... how can u guys read and write so many things ???

EvolutioN said...

hey debs....
just wanted to act friendly with ya...
dont mind, but find the name debalina very cute..... neway, if thats what ya want, thats what ya will get... will call ya by ur maiden name..... ok...
haha haha ...

Debalina said...

Thanks !

Well, was wondering where are you ! On 9th you said, you would be blogging next day, and theres no sight of yours . Wonder why ?

Bye n TC


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