Thursday, July 01, 2004

Thoughts of a unrestrained mind

Today is someone’s birthday.
Someone is getting born somewhere. Bullshit! I don’t feel like doing anything.
Feel like cutting myself and look at myself bleeding.
Feel the pain, its like adrenaline, the more it surges, the more the taut I feel.
Heard a song by Dido. It’s called “Thank You”.
Also heard a song by Eminem. It’s called “Stan”.
It’s about love, infatuation and hero worship. Features Dido.
Eminem is a genius. He manages to twist the sweetest song into maniacal rap.
Where was he all these days? Kinda doing what all others do, I suppose.
Kicking some ass. Go kick ass baby… love ya.
21 years, come to think of it. And nothing to show for it.
Absolutely nothing. Come on, speakers, make some motherfucking noise.
Shout, dance, twirl, what am I doing?
I should have stuck to what I did best, man. Come to think of it, I did!
Doing nothing! Why can’t the cunt-sucking speakers burst my eardrums?
Don’t wanna live anymore. Hey, what am I saying? I am anything but a loser!
Fight against it, winning is what I like. After all, who doesn’t?
I am The Game; you don’t wanna play me,
I make the rules; no way you can shake me.

You know what? That is the theme song of one of the greatest wrestlers of all times.
Ever heard of HHH? Love him too. He really is The Game.
It would have been a lot better with Priya around.
She always knows what to do. The hell she does.
Killing me softly, that’s what she is doing. And the best part is that,
I like what she is doing. Kick ass, but softly, kill, but softly.
Girls! Another sphere where I keep on discovering new meanings everyday.
Hey! You think I am crazy, is it? Think!
When was the last time you predicted what a girl is going to do?
Britney, the hell, it’s a nice song, but her voice turns me off.
Now that’s a nice song. Motherfucking good song, man… 50 cents, “In Da Club”.
Bing, Bing, Phat, Phat, catchy lyrics, catchy tune…like it!
Kinda starting to like hip hop. Thought was trash at one point of time.
Like I said, Eminem is a genius. Bunty is a nice kid. Lets me use the comp.
Good at heart. That’s what I like. Fossils, that’s what am listening to.
Nemesis. Bloody slut. Why is it that we fall in love with the sluts of the world?
Mebbe its be cause they would never love us. Chameli is bullshit.
Doesn’t work that way man. Never did. Bloody fucking Neverland.
Am looking for some water. Not to drink, but mix with the vodka. Saala bhaenchud!
Paani piyega? Kaam thik se karo, phir sochna. That’s what they said to Ratna.
Haven’t heard of Ratna? She is a child labourer, a mild term for a child cunt.
Horrified? Accept it, that’s what the girls have come down to man,
Legs, a cunt, a mouth and a pair of breasts. Any other orifice? Oh yes! The asshole!
No brains, man, no brains, shut out me from the world.
People say I am a dreamer,
But am not the only one.

The Beatles were Gods, yeah, but then, the Guns and Roses had not come as yet.
Axl Rose was crazy, so was Slash. The son of a bitch is gonna die someday.
Should reduce the number of fags that he has. Who am I speaking about?
He is a God of the six string! I should myself reduce the number of fags that I have…
Am feeling very drowsy. Should sign off for the night. Nothing else to do.
Should go pound some leather. Raw skin is what I need.


Debalina said...

Stan is one hell of a song. Listen to Dido's Life for Rent.I find it good enough ! And what do you think of Slim Shady ???
Tripple H always rocks ! He was not just a wrestler, but someone with brain, babe and bent for politics and he does that good.
You know, reading this blog, made me feel, as if its me talking !!
Jesus, I guess, we all go through this.
Briteny is sexy, but I dont like the idea, she is trying to sing " I love rock n roll !! "
Did you check "Get busy" by Sean Paul ?? Sounds good.

Mez a die hard fan of GNR ! I agree, Slash is motherfuking god of six strings ! Love his style of playing it. Mez still waiting for the day when I would be able to play "Sweet Child of Mine" ..I think, that was one of the best that came out of his fingering .

EvolutioN said...

my first comment!!! and my first commenter!!!

Love ya baby!!!



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