Friday, July 02, 2004

At Nandu's computer

Pounded some raw steel yesterday
Reveled in raw skin,
Ever smelled fresh blood?
Smells good, like freshly watered earth.
You know, like just after the rains.
Saw an awesome movie a few days before,
‘American History X”. Racism rocks man, at least in the movies.
Wanna kill somebody. Starting to have very homicidal tendencies. Ha ha.
Am at Nandu's comp. Very nice guy. Indeed, a levelheaded guy.
What the hell is he doing here? Hell man, there is no justice in this world.
Loved Bo man. Nandu's good friend, she never understood. NEVER.
Thinks I hoodwinked her, not the case. Never could.
Nandu has a nice girlfriend. Am happy that they are happy.
Am happy for Bo. Potter is a good guy. Supposed to be the greatest magician on earth.
Hope that they get married. She needs him man. I can do without her.
Kick ass man. Lots of work to do.
‘Love is bullshit. I am not going to allow it to happen to me again.”Some people have a tendency of backtracking.
Need Priya man. Where are you? Dunno’¦
Also need Deepto, where are you? Nice song’¦ ‘Desert Rose”.
People returned from Shimla yesterday. Deepto must be back too. Haven’™t seen him.
Come to think of it, the seniors have just 8 months left.
After that, ‘POOF”, gone!
Would miss these guys, Bond, Ponky, Nandu, Bobby, Deepto, Ro, even Aloo and Kunal and Kanti and Srijit.
We are, we are the youth of the nation’¦
Nothing to do except stare at the monitor and hear meaningless voices.
Fucking hell, Nandu is angry about something,
Think it has to do with something with the fact that I am in his room without his permission,
Better pack up’¦ otherwise would get raw skin without a sandbag!
See ya tomorrow comp...

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