Thursday, September 23, 2004

What in the name of the devil happened?

“ Wonderful, just wonderful”, he whispered slowly as if he was not aware of the ten pairs of eyes boring into his own around the table. His large black eyes were fixed ion the two darts in one box and the third dart in the other box. The bigger box bore the initials “M, S”, and the second box, “K”. He sat back in his leather bound chair and picked at his long triangular beard that seemed to have materialized straight out of a Genghis Khan movie. “Wonderful”, he whispered again.
One of the anxious men who sat around the table suddenly jumped up. “When are we going on the mission, Sir?”
He just went on picking at the high black collars of his suit, not bothering to answer back. He looked out thoughtfully, his bushy eyebrows and the thin lips just separating the fraction of an inch to reveal a small, wicked grin, especially like a little kid who had perpetrated an especially fiendish act.
“I was thinking,” piped in another red-faced man, “which of the three darts should be let in first.” He jerked his head around to look into the face of the speaker, causing him to look down in fear.
Absentmindedly, which he was definitely not, he got up and went towards the map of the world that hung over the mantelpiece, bending down to pick up a piece of black chalk, marking out specific positions on the map with large distinct black crosses. The large peninsular mass of land called India and the adjoining country called Pakistan was a good place to start the mission, he mused to himself. He hen joined America to India and Pakistan by a long arrow.
Yes, his plan was complete and invulnerable. Locking his eyes on his favourite executive Chaalbaaz Sharif, he said, “Middle of May should be okay for the infiltrators.”
“As you wish, milord”, said the sleazy Sharif. He then turned to go out, came near the door, suddenly remembering something, and came back.
“What do the M, S, or K stand for?”
The Devil, after a slight consideration, said, “ Madhuri, Sachin or Kashmir!”

P.S. This was written by me when I was in class 7. while cleaning out my stuff, I suddenly stumbled on this old document, Strangely enough, it reminded me of all the old days with the pals, many of whom I will never ever see again... Here's to you St James... the greatest school ever!!!

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