Monday, September 20, 2004

I THREW OUT THE SCREW... complete the story

Notwithstanding the fact that it was a Monday morning, because Sunday and Monday in NUJS, “The Centre of Excellence” is the same, (well, almost…) I had made up my mind to hold the Torts Law teacher ransom to the brilliantly intellectually stimulating discussions that we usually have in class.
The fact that the day before, he had described a crow as something that was not a dog and not a cat was perhaps what gave me the general idea that Torts Law is something that is not Agricultural Law, not Constitutional law and neither is it remotely connected with the subject that we nowadays study…what was that again? Aah! Yes…Environmental law. Which reminds me, the environmental law teacher tells me that he does a lot of trekking. Trekking, with that butter paunch? Yeah, right, and I am The One himself, Neo from The Matrix.
Talking about The Matrix, have you seen the part where I get to kiss Monica Belucci? (Psst…that is, if the teacher goes trekking) Never mind. I am straying from the point. The point over here being that I was talking about holding the Torts Law class ransom to my extremely excruciating demands of defining Administrative Law as something which is a list of nots than what it is. I entered class with a wicked grin fixed on my face as if a necrophiliac cow is waiting for the death of an extremely hated individual of the same species, determined to kill or be killed, all in the same vein.
Prashant did a double take on viewing the angle of my facial muscles and said, “ I know that look…” Yeah, I thought, do you? The teacher walked into the class. The more I see him, I am reminded of a guy who once went for a walk in the park in the morning and accidentally stumbled upon a Martian who was waiting to say hallo to Albert Einstein. (It’s a different fact of life that Mars is so far away that the poor guy had to quit his endless wait for a Martian to come along and went his own way…) He has a gait like that of the phantom (not to be confused with the opera one), a perfect specimen of the Man (yeah, yeah, Old Spice, Mach III etc.) Though he has the hints of a potbelly, most people, including himself, would like to call it a perfect six-pack. He has the grace and the uncanny behaviour that was last seen in a species lost for over three million years, the velociraptor. However, talking about velociraptors, did you see the scene in JP3 that had dinosaurs with bulbous rear ends? There I go again, I should not digress from the class again… I should be telling you what had happened in class.
The class began…

(Connect A Screw, The Matrix and any class of your choosing and give me an ending as to the possible turn of events. The best of the lot would be published on my blog with acknowledgements.)

[1] The author of this piece asserts the fact that the piece was not based on any real life character. Any resemblances to real life characters are totally coincidental and the author is sorry for the same.

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