Thursday, January 06, 2005

Cleaning out the closets...

In the age of remixes, God knows where the old songs have disappeared to... was very very surprised and extremely happy when i got to hear a very old version of the WWE theme song of Wrestlemania XIII, way before, "Can You take it all the way? ".
All the old wrestlers have gone, these days its all just glamour, no substance, Rock's gone, he's into movies, HHH is also moving away, most probably into movies, Austin's gone to Japan, Roadd Dog is dead, Hogan's gone, Taker's a shadow of his former self, I mean, he cant even sit up properly, he falls over! Owen's dead, Bret's still recuperating from a stroke, British Bulldog is dead, Kane's one BIG joke now, Brock's gone to NFL, how much can HHH handle on his own? Agreed, he's brilliant, but he cant pull a whole show on his own!
Which reminds me, have u guys seen the newest movie on the blocks, Blade Trinity? Go see it man, Full Paisa Vasool, HHH makes it worth it... Wesley is no small guy, but he looks puny in front of The Game, I mean, this guy is Huge!!!!
Anyway, Time is running out, cuz I got wo projects to do man...

Tata Diary!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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