Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My mind wonders...

At the moment, my mind's racing faster than a bullet, I think back to all those days when I had a world of trouble on my mind, and I had to think how to solve them all at once. I have had good times, and I have had bad times, and I have had, lets say, not-so-good times, times when I have smashed switchboards and have run into extraterrestrial beings with large lolly tongues hanging out of their mouths. But u know what? I survived, something that nobody else has done, I have been tried, I have been tested, and I have not been found wanting.
Sometimes, I have this wierd desire to possess the one ring that the great lord Sauron forged,
"One ring to Rule them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all
And into the Darkness bind them"
How well it would have been for us all, if we had been led into the darkness long before, if Isiodor had not cut off the Great Lord's finger, if Aragorn had not taken up the mantle, if Gollum had not found The Ring of power, if Bilbo had not taken it back to the Shire. What if the Ring Wraiths had caught up with Shadow Fangs?
what if... so many questions, no answers... Or maybe there are, just at the back of the mind where they are waiting to be drawn into the light... There are so many things that need to be answered, so many things that one should be accountable for, but aren't, so many things that should be denounced, but aren't, so many yes's that should have been no's.
All these years, it has been one hell of a trouble going through that phase, and I gotta say, NUJS is no better than Mordor, but we all did it... What we have is because of us students and students alone... no Tom, Dick, Harry or Arathorn could lay claim on that.
And now as we see the very people who stood on the bow leave, its time to say, in the native Elvish tongue, in the language of Gondor,
"Khamakhist, Bellah!!"
Farewell, O Friends!
Love, laughter n keep the faith,

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