Monday, March 14, 2005


Just happened to dig up some old poems... wrote them in my first year... see if ya like them... happy reading!


As I looked into the mirror,
A stranger stared out at me,
High cheekbones, a prominent forehead,
Jet black hair.
Those sharp, sharp eyes,
Screwed up as in concentration,
The furrows on the forehead,
Speaking of the same.
I could never get out of your shadow
Could I, father?
Like a colossus you strode over me,
With a hand over my head
The Hand; that protects.
And as I touched myself,
A realisation swept over me,
However great I become,
That is,
If I do become great,
I will always be known as…
Your son.

The times change
Too quickly at that.
People change
And I, breathless
Try to catch up
With this change.
But in chilly winter nights
When people tend to
Hurry along,
I stop and stare
Along the long and desolate
Road that I have traversed.
What was it on the road
That made me change?
Was it the light that
Guided me to my destinations?
Was it the darkness
That gave new meaning to
The light?
Or was it the man who
Had created me over
Three hundred years ago?
Just when I start to think,
The rude lights awaken me
And I, breathless,
Try to catch up.

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