Friday, March 25, 2005


That was one hell of a overhaul job... and I myself gotta admit... the end result is good...

Well... whatever!

The world still sucks, HHH is still the Champ and Eminem is still God, so its pretty much the same after the orbs turned a full circle... am still at office and i had entered at 8:30 in the morn... i cant believe it... the fucking office is empty...

Anyway, enough is enough...

I gotta go home man...

tonight's for a round of drinks...

Here's to a (Hic!!!) nice night!!!



Debalina said...

this is awsome..or should i say u ass got hold of some mothafuking sexy templete !
Forgive my language..but hell , it rox !
But the post area is kinda should move the left column more on left and give the right column (the post column) more space.. after u are done..
you have a damn sexy site that reads n looks sexier !

But anyways..its just too good ! is it the mumbai effect ?

"And those who fought me they say they taught me everything I
I go awwww, when I hear that, that chit and that chat, bullshit!
So sick of me knowing everything, saying!

In your face
That's right
And it feels so good
In your face
It feels so good"

Debalina said...

btw..i was again hovering over your site and i looked at it like a keen observer..and suddenly there was a song playing in my brain.
heres the song :

"Forfeit the game
Stop the talk show
Product of what
You're taught to know
Forfeit the game
Cause tomorrow
When it's all done
You reap what you sew

You love the way I look at you
While taking pleasure in the awful things you put me throught
You take away if I give in
My life, my pride is broken

My life, my pride is broken
You like to think you're never wrong
(You live what you've learned)
You have to act like you're someone
(You live what you've learned)
You want someone to hurt like you
(You live what you've learned)
You want to share what you've been through
(You live what you've learned)"

EvolutioN said...

Yeah, I know that the post area is kinda narrow, but I cant help it... the Pic that i have used for the template has the post area that narrow...
had it been a bit broader, i woulda given it more space... what the hell...
and no, its not the Mumbai effect, its just me... thats what i am, thats the template that i wuz searching for... and the pic suddenly gave it an outlet... lets see if i can get a better one... then i would make it even sexier...

see ya soon!!!

love, laughter n keep the faith...



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