Thursday, May 26, 2005

The difference...

The difference between most other blogs and mine is the amount of thought that goes into each one of my writings. I say here most other blogs because of the number of blogs that I have read or continue to read over my Blog-capades while or outside of office. I have noticed a substantial similarity in the content of mine and Debalina's blog, have seen potential makings of a Jerome K. Jerome in Sagnik's blogs, and have seen the profundity in Arijit's blogs, yet the community of bloggers never seem to amaze me.

Talking about the seriousness with which people blog nowadays, sometimes makes me wonder what it is that makes these people tick all the time. For example, why is it that Sagnik and only Sagnik can come up with these brilliant one-liners or why is it that Debalina, in her other blog comes up with the heart wrenching lines... And I am spellbound.

I have written a lot of times about a lot of people, mostly people in my lives, but there are a few people whom I have omitted to discuss, one of them being Debalina Das. This person is, needless to say, a fellow blogger, someone who I had stubled across in a time of utter depression. At that time, some of what the lady said made a lot of sense. Standing where I am now, I think back on those times, it's not been so long ago, when I had a load of trouble on my mind. I revelled in her posts, she drew out the child in me, and made me think. No matter what the time of the day, a new post from her almost always ended up me commenting on them. And today, I trust her completely, not only as a friend, but also someone who would be able to help me out with the little problems that I have.

Thank you, Debalina for all you have given me.

Talking about another very important person in my life would not be inopportune at this moment. That someone is a guy who has changed my outlook to the world, someone who has taught me leadership, someone who has never betrayed me, someone who would always remain my friend and my idol. That someone is Deepto. This is a guy who has been betrayed through out his career in University. This guy has been used and thrown away as and when the need arose. But almost like that Chumbawumba song, "Tubthumping", he stood up to the challenges that faced him, and faced them only as a man could do. I had met this guy when it was only my second week in college, then a fresher, I could little comprehend the distinction of a bad guy from a good one, and all of the seniors looked the same to me. He literally held my hand and taught me the ropes of the big bad world. He taught me how to deal with relationships, helped me when I had girl-problems, helped me when I had drug-problems, and the very fact that I am alive today, Deepto has had a large role to play in it. My political career in college took off because of this guy, and the very fact that people in college recognise me in because Deepto gave me the launching pad to take off. His political ideologies were very different from mine. While he believed in consolidation, I believed in attacking. While he believed in justice to all, I believed in giving it back to the person who has hurt my people. the nitty gritties growing up, the process of changing from a boy to a man took place in front of him, and none of the amount I write about him is going to make it look like nothing. Academically brilliant, a powerful and a charismatic leader, the first among equals, all of it and more is Deepto Roy. I can only stand on the sidelines, goading him on to more victories while he starts off on another arena in his career, the workplace.

Thank You Deepto for all you have given me.

This is one person about whom I have spoken before, but he continues to amaze me all through. He is Saurya. This is a guy who is a brilliant debater, a charismatic man, and a person who stands for what he believes. No amount can be less for this guy, and no amount can be too much. I struggle to believe that Deepto and Saurya at one point of time had stopped talking to each other. Whether that was for political reasons or not is not the subject of this post. The only fact is that two of the most brilliant politicians in this college had stopped conversing because of some petty affair. And it is a matter of pride that it is me who has succeeded in bringing together these two factions again. There is no doubt that if these two had worked in unison, along with the help of lesser mortals like me edging them on, they would have swamped any and all of the elections in college, would have uprooted the present state of affairs in this college, and would have been a force to reckon with. But sadly, when it mattered the most, these two have had petty squabbles. However, thats all a matter of the past, and things have settled down between them, and I hope that it stays this way. Saurya had started off by being a good friend, then he changed to become a political mastermind, and in the end what remained was what Saurya had himself agreed to in one of his last letters to me, that I was the solid one in the last few days... Thank God I was...

Thank you Saurya for guiding me in my times of despair.

This post would not be complete without the mention of the single most brilliant guy that I have come across in my career uptil now. Rohit. I have seen many guys who are brilliant, but his intelligence is, as Deepto puts it, stunning. That coming from Deepto Roy is quite a compliment. I know that the images of the person, if they are not in front of you, do not actually draw powerful images. If I had the power to, I would have done that, but for all that I can do, I am not a magician. Its not that Rohit has helped me when I was down or anything, but he has stood with me through thick and thin, he has never betrayed me, and he has shown me something that very few people have actually shown the courage to do. Stand up to the administration, and win.

Thank you Rohit for all the protection that you have given me. Your little brother has learnt to walk on his own.

There are two more people I want to write about, but I want to save all those for a better day... at the cost of being too verbose.

Wherever these guys are... Fuck the competition!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Debalina said...

Boy o Boy !

I am flattering my eye lids and saying :
I am flattered and honored ! are such a piece of crap..once again, I have started feeling great about myself !
Thanks dangs !

But, my opinion...about your talking style will remain the same but it was so sweet of you to call me up :)

But..Whoa..thats what you think about o my !!! [imagine a hippo flying..thats me !]

A sincere thanks :) I am honored !

EvolutioN said...

ab kya hai naa... mumbai me agar kisiko samjhane ka ho ke apan ke saath jhol nahi karne ka... to waisa hi baat karne ko hota hai re... varna suntaa hi nahi re... hai naa???

aur yeh thank you ka chakkar kab chorega re??? tu din ka din VJ ban raha hai... Thanks for calling!!!

he he...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


Arijit Mukherjee said...

tumi ki deep!


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