Saturday, May 07, 2005

I saw a Flower

This morning, while walking to Office, there was this kind of mini-meadow that I passed through. The whole meadow was green, rolling luxuriant grass. Beautiful.

And in the middle of it all, there was this one flower, one among a kind, one that stood up to the wind, one that had no one else to keep him company. It was kinda strange to see a Bougainvillea alone, they are seen in bunches.

I believe that I am like that flower. Standing out in the crowd. Though you would see me almost always with a bunch of friends, sometimes, just sometimes, you would find me all alone, stnding and absorbing the sun, or looking intently at the bricklayer at his work. It is at those times, I believe, that I am at my creative best and my defenceless worst. I would find joy in the things that no one would even notice, and then my mind would wander. Even in a busy office like ours, I find time to be amused.

Like the other day at the Food Court, when all of us were sitting at the same time, on the same table, and it was at this time that I noticed the sea of faces surrounding me. you know, it was actually a SEA. Some were looking gleefully into their food. Some were standing in the middle with their plates in thier hands, looking forlorn and lost (looking at the tables, hoping for a place to sit!). One particularly good looking chick was sitting at a table with three other girls, stabbing the air with her fork in between putting mouthfuls of food, evidently bitching about her boss/boyfriend. Some were standing at the showcases trying to decide the food that would soon end up in their tummy!! Some were gulping down burgers at the speed of light, barking into their cells as too what the other person should've done, what they did wrong and how they screwed up. Some were just plain picking at their food, wincing at the quality (or the quantity) of the food before them.

And I was absorbing it all, feeling there is actually so much more to the world than work... I love life!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Debalina said...

Seriously...I can barely read anything..because this disclaimer thing has screwed up badly..!!!!

EvolutioN said...

that better???


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