Friday, May 13, 2005


How many times has it happened to you when u feel that you are falling into something that you know would bring you nothing but pain, but you would still go ahead and do it, simply because you cant help it???

I think now is that time. I am falling in love with S. I know that she can never give me what I want, but I donno (donno or dont care???) what happens. I know also that I am not going to tell her, ever... I would hurt her too much. Maybe she would think that I had taken advantage of her sweet nature, maybe she would think that I am a bastard of the first order... maybe she would leave me. I donno. So then, I am never going to tell her.

U know Diary, it has been quite sometime, but I dont feel like telling her because I fear that she would go away from my life. I can live with the fact that she would be happy in being oblivious, but I cant bear to see her walk away from my life. I simply cant.

I had not quite set out to write all this, but I ended up doing so. There has been so much work in the office that I've found very little time to do something else...

hah! whatever!!!

Love, laughter n keep the faith



Debalina said...

even when pitfalls are infront of you and theres no ways you can go back because you can't turn back the time and theres no bravery standing still, the only logical thing is walk on...if you are bound to fall, you would..if not, you would come out with one of the experience that you wouldnt like to forget, for, it talks about your achievement.
I guess, you didnt understand..
so. just go ahead and pour your heart out !

Debalina said...

btw..for some strange reason.. the shoutbox wont shout !
i tried to post numberous times but it aint publishing !

Debalina said...

and u need to put a link on ur technocrati profile and also but the blogshares icon too !

EvolutioN said...

if u havent put ur email address in, it wouldt shout... thats just so that everybody who visits my page dznt shout... n leaves...

he he... as for pouring my heart out... i would much rather do it on me blog than tell her... i have lost too much to lose her...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



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