Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Last Day...

So it stands. The last day in office for me. One of the last hours. I am sad. I dont wanna go. I dont wanna leave Mumbai. I dont wanna leave Sushmita. I dont wanna leave people and go from here. I feel like crying.

I dont wanna go back to college. I love this place. I hate University. I really dont know what would happen in the next year. I dont wanna go.

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Rusha said...

you were in Bombay?? Where are you going now? I love this city too..will be leaving it in a few months..

:)take care..

mickey said...

very good blog....amar ta toire suro hoyeche....u can view a part of it at tombstoneshadow.blogspot.com

tell me how you got the clock on your right...
ph koris

Grafxgurl said...

ooh so nice to see bengali typed..lol
HEY... commented on the poste bfore this... just thot id say hi here as well!

Anonymous said...

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