Saturday, May 14, 2005

Nuthing to write about

I wanted to write about something else. But there are some things that need to be written about. Somethings that need to be gotten outta my system. Otherwise, there is this stifled feeling that keeps on welling until it all comes out on somebody. Like today, I think that whatever happened shouldn't have happened. I shouldn't have shouted at S. There was absolutely no need to. But then, I am taken for granted so many times, that its just not funny. It was not she who had taken me for granted. She never does that. Its just that she was around at the wrong time. U know, wrong place, wrong time.

She had nothing to do with it. Man, am i feeling down about it. But then, there is absolutely nuthing I could have done about it, Could I??? Debbie says that if I had to fall, I had to fall, but then... hey its happened before, Hermione had done that before... didn't she? There have been times when I think back on all these times, and I end up feeling happy about the choices that I have made. I had made conscious decisions, and I still stand by them. I donno... nobody stood by me at that time. But then, I had my reasons. I was misunderstood, I atill am. Shraddhs tellm that I should have cleared up matters then and there. That wouldn't have solved the problem. I was at a crossroad, I still am. Vins had laughed once that I wrote fuel to my fire. Herm asked me what type of fuel it was, whether it was petrol or kerosene. That was rude.

Oh damn... forget it!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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Debalina said...

On the second thought, what can Debbie say, when her relation is so badly screwed... I mean..all relations !


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