Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A house for Idiot and Bubba

I had been talking to Bubba over the past few days, and one of the hottest topics of discussion was getting a house for ourselves. There have been a few animated (and heated discussions) about it, and the fact remains that we have been getting a few facts straight about the type of house that we want.

So, lets see, this is the sort of house that we would stay in:

The Locale

We have to have the house in the Nainital, in front of the Naini Lake, where we can wake upto the clear rippling waters of the lake and the raucous cries of the hawkers and the tourists.

The Flat

It would be a simple 1 bedroom hall kitchen flat, with a kitchen (because Bubba wants a kitchen!!!) Bubba says that there has to be a place where one can get gorom gorom alu-bhatey, daal and maach bhaja, and I agree!!!

Bubba said that she wants the sofa-cum-bed and the drawing room, and I said that I would be sleeping in the bedroom with the AC!!! (he he devilish laughter!!!)

There would be two separate bathrooms for us, and we have decided to clean them ourselves. We have decided to be self-reliant!!!! (he he)

Bubba had said that she wants to do the draperies, so I decided to let her do it, since curtains are very boring. (hee hee)

The Colours

I had decided that the colour of the bedroom would be something shocking, like electric blue or pink, something that would wake me up, but my decision got vetoed.

She decided that if I dare to put on any colour like that, I would never enter her place again!!!

Yanyway, Bubba also wants the colour of the drawing room to be something soothing, like mauve or off white, which I quite readily agreed to. After all, there should be some semblance of sanity in the house, na???

The Accessories

This is where I did my contrinution. I think that the house should have a few absolutely necessary things, like:

(a) A beautiful TV, with at least 5000 watt PMPO, and a bass booster, preferably backed up by a 10000 watt 5.1 music system. If the line in could be used to jack it up to a music system, nothing like a Terminator II on that TV. The Onida KY Thunder is a good choice.

(b) An awesome set of speakers. Preferably Bose. 1 Woofer, 5 subwoofers, 3 tweeters. All connected via satellite roaming over the network of the room. Preferably, if possible, a projector, (a low end Sony one would do for a start :) ) to watch movies on.

(c) An extremely unheard of high end machine. An 8 GB memory, four 80 GB hard disks, an AMD Sempron Processor with a 4.3 GHz speed, a 21 inch LCD monitor, and a 24X7 dedicated lease line just for me. :))

Oh!!! and before I forget, I need all 23 media players that are installed on my computer, and I need all the downloaded plugins. The 5.1 would be connected to this parallely to the Television.

(d) A Car: Bubba wants an Innova, will get her one (gawwwwd knows when). And I am going to buy myself a Gypsy. Since she does not know how to drive, I am going to drive both!!! he he (devilish smile!!!)

(e) A Bike: Bubba does not want a bike. But I am fixated on either a harley Davidosn Hot Rod V8 or a Bullet Thunderbird. I will get myself a Thunderbird first. And then, would buy the Harley after some time.

(f) Perhaps the most important factor in any place: LOVE AND AFFECTION. I have never had a place where I had unbridled love and affection. That is something that I crave for. Materials, I would have. Bubba would give me the security that I need. Coming back home everyday, knowing that you would at last get to relax, is something that I crave for.

And I know that someday, I am gonna have that.

Till next time,


Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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Nilay said...

dhakichikidhakichikidhakichikidha... isme ek hi goli thi :P :P :P


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