Monday, September 26, 2005

Blah! and More Blah!

I have talked about a lot of things on my blog, but three things that has been constantly a part of my blog is Bubba, politics and Blah!!! However, I do believe that there are some moments in life when everything else stands still and fade into oblivion in the course of the moment that is there in front of us. I believe that it is moments like these that make life worth living, and dying for.

Rohit has been speaking consistently the past few days about the incessant amount of time that we have "wasted" in the course of our political careers inside the college. However, I do tend to disagree with him on this count. I did not exactly waste my time. I have indeed gained a lot of insight into the working of an institution, something that would hold me in good stead in my future life.

Amartya Da, that elusive man who earns 8 lakhs a month, told me the other day that he was at a similar stage of his career when he was absorbing everything that life was throwing at him. Do not do antyhing, just absorb as much as you can, because everything that you build a habit of right now, when we are just twenty somethings would hold us true when we move on.

I talked to the elusive Bridal Beer, and we have had a pretty interesting chat. She needed some help, and I hope that the little bit that I know would have helped her out!

I have been talking to Bubba on and off, and sometimes she is in a very good mood, while sometimes she is in such a khecha-mara mood that I find it difficult to break into her shell, but I guess it would be okie in a few days... Let us see.

Debalina is in Bangalore, and I sometimes talk to her, though over the STD, sometimes it tends to burn a hole in me pocket (and in me heart!!) he he... :)) LOL. I miss her, not only because she is a good friend, but because she was one person with whom I could be MYSELF. You guys know how important that is? (and how difficult it is to find people like her?)

I have received a few more hate mails after the last one, and have answered to each one in earnest, telling them just how much I love everyone and that if they hate me, I would love them all the more, and then they would find it increasingly difficult to cope up with this love-hate relationship!!! LOL :))

Today is my dad and mom's 25th Marriage anniversary, and our house is literally teeming with relatives. Relatives are ok, but when they start saying "Sunny, tui koto boro hoye gechish!!" (Sunny, How grown up you have become!!), that literally pisses me off, but I manage to smile and say with a resigned fate, "Yeah, two weeks is a lot of time...". I can barely imagine how two people who are so apart in their outlooks could live ek-saath for so many days!!! I guess opposites do attract, after all!!!

I do not know what my brother is doing. I think he is hell bent on destroying himself. But I guess it ok, he would come back, just like I did, after all, He is MY brother.

My Dad is the same sweet guy after all these years, and he has not changed a bit, I LOOOOVE PAPA. I wonder how someone could look so perplexed 24X7, and yet come up with such brilliant simple answers to the complexities of life.

Ma is sweet, but dare you get on the bad side of her, and she would be the jwalamukhi that everyone fears. As the days are wearing by, I seem to love her all the more, and am getting to see everything her way. Mebbe its because of the long break that I have had from the opposite gender that had made me hate her so much, but now that I have slowly come back into the socialising mode, and getting to understand the female mind, and how it works, that have started appreciating the wonderful person that she is.


Life is good, but the Andhra Pradesh heat is gonna kill me when I am on the train, but do I really care when I am going to Bangalore? Am gonna meet up with a lot of me old friends, Arindam, Sunny, Subhojit, Pinky, Debalina. Pujo in Ulsoor should be fun.

I am also taking me Kurta Dhoti along for the Pujas, and two chiffon sarees!!! :)) LOL

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Prayukth said...

hmmmmmmmmm u stay somewhre near ulsore????

EvolutioN said...

no i dont... i stay in kolkata

and at the moment, i am at Bank Colony...

Checked ur blogs... new to the world huh??? Good good

Happy Blogging!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



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