Monday, September 12, 2005

A celebration of womanhood


For every woman who is tired of acting weak,
When she knows that she is strong,
There's a Man who is tired of acting strong
When he feels vulnerable.

For every woman who is
Tired of acting dumb,
There is a man
Who is burdened with the constant expectation of "knowing everything".

For every woman who is
Tired of being called an "emotional female",
There is a man who is
Denied the right to be gentle and weep.

For every woman who feels tied down
by her children,
There is the man who is denied the
Full pleasure of parenthood.

For every woman who is denied meaningful employment,
And equal pay,
There is the man who must bear financial responsibility
For another human being.

For every woman who was not taught the intricacies
Of an automobile,
There is the man who was not taught
The satisfaction of cooking.

For every woman who takes a step
Towards her own liberation
There is the man who finds that the way to freedom
Has been made a little easier…

The Idiot

This had been written with a single-minded purpose. I have long felt that the role of the woman is not only within the household, but also outside of it. There are scores of dedicated women out there who, in some respects, are better than their male counterparts when it comes to working. There have been, and still are women who deserve the share of being there with the stars. I have believed in the strength of democracy always, and have believed in meting out gender-neutral justice.

Bubba, this one is for you. For all the fights that we might have had, for all the storms that you might have gone through, for all that I stand for, I can say just one thing. I am not him. I would not leave in the middle of the road, and I would much rather see myself be torn off from one end to the other than hurt you.

miss you funny honey bunny

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Rusha said...

WOW!! thats all I can say Right now... Wow!!..

Ok.. I've recovered a little, So... Very Metrosexual according to some...But Wow!! according to me...

I mean.. my Dad's a Little like that...

:) take care...

Rusha said...
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EvolutioN said...

Thanks a lot!!!

Take care!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


Debalina said...

All I can say is Amazing !!! Beautiful !!

In addition to that,Don't fight with your mom...:)

EvolutioN said...

I would not fight with my mom... if my mom does not fight with me!!!

he he

complex logic... but then, thats me!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



You said it!!! I was more concerned about the male denied the womanly roles..As of late women are taking the role of men...I am not talking about the vast population where women are still abused...Wonderful flow of thoughts..Hats off..I am having more time to read your posts n so there would be many comments..sorry about tht :) :)


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