Friday, September 23, 2005

I am changing my persona

Dear Diary,

Today has been one of the most eventful days of my life. I have been fighting and killing the happiness of most of the people that I can think of under the sun.

That is exactly the reason why I am so happy. I have fought with ma, and I have fought with papa, I have fought with Bubba, I have fought with Debalina, I have had a row with Saurya, I have also had a fight with the one I used to call Da.

I haven’t had a fight with Princess as of yet, but I am sure that the way the things are going, that moment is not far off too. I know that after the incident with the one I used to call Da, she would hate me all the more, and I am very happy that she would hate me. I need someone to hate me. I think that all the adulation that I have been receiving over the past few months have got into my head. I should have gotten rid of all the sadness long ago.

I am feverish, and I am talking gibberish. That is another reason for me to be happy. I am also talking in rhymes. I have people out there who are angry on me, hate me, and would do anything to screw my happiness. I feel so loved!!! I know that it is kind of late in the night to have people going berserk with me, but then, you know what Diary??? If it had to happen, then it had to happen. I know that I have been rude to particularly one person over a few days, but then it was such that I just had to get some things out of my system. I know that that sounds kin of clichéd, but I guess that is exactly what the truth is, clichéd…

I would hate to let Bubba go, and I know that she would never ever let me get close to her.

That realization has come kinda late, but thank God (or thank me, the same thing, he he), has come, at least.

I have realized one thing in all my dealings with women. They want a bad guy. That simple, you be a good guy, you are a simple friend, you be a bad guy, with lots of money, an attitude, and a sleep-with-me attitude, and you got the girls swooning all over you. There is no room for honesty in this world.

There is no room for honest opinions. There is no one who would talk to you. It is that simple.

Its time I changed myself. I am nice guy no more.

The nice guy in me has died a death. Today onwards.


Hate, Tears and laud the Unfaithful,



---- said...

u wanna go from dad to cad, u're welcome. u wanna go from dad to cad at this stage, u're not. u wanna change zimply because u think u'd turn over a new leaf & all the sadness & all'z gonna vanish like that... don't. I've seen it happen to lot of people I know, a lot of people I knew, and myself. It doezn't work. u get lost half-way & then u try to get back to where u were & all, u get lost, and well, in short, u're ztuck in a vacuum. no way in, no way out. ciao.

EvolutioN said...

Hey S,

Now that I know who you are, me thinks its very nice of ya to spare a coupla moments for me. However, I do believe that I am not looking for the sadness to go away... sorry... no... thats not it...

firstly, I am not sad, I am just grumpy, and grumpy people like to be cuddled!!! :))

secondly, I cannot get back to where I was, because I know that rewinding is something that you can do only with your tape... not with ur life... :))

then again, you know what??? I was going thro' ur other blog... and I feel that u n me are very different in outlooks.

however, the fact still remains that I am gonna change... whether for the good or the bad remains to be seen.. but I am gonna change, thats for sure..

Hate, tears and laud the unfaithful!!!


Glynk said...

you know what, it doezn't pay to change. don't you ever wizh, you were zomeone else... I keep forgetting the lyricz after that. anywayz, if u're gonna change anywayz, there'z no point in fighting over it for you, ezpecially in this belligerent mood you're in, hahahaha, but ye, when you say we're not the same, I tend to agree, because the type of attitude that you zport, it'z very hard to maintain & all. I tried it in school, it worked. But in college, everything was the other way around, I guezz, still iz. zo this policy, or habit, I guezz, of no dissent, except, when you feel the other perzon can actually take it properly & all. ciao.

EvolutioN said...


no, I do not wish I was someone else, because I am who I am, and secondly, I sport an attitude because I know that I can carry it off...

For those who know me, and especially you, you would know that I care a shit anyway for what people say about me, and you know what? People respect me at the end of the day for that...

And fear me... dont believe me? Ask a specific baba of the college...

Hate, Tears and laud the Unfaithful,


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