Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tiny tots, Bad blogs and a whole deal of Prolixity (apologies Ria)

“Serious Blogging” is a term, which I am not unfamiliar of, but something about that term really turns me off. A weblog is something that you create and write because you want to write, not because you want the world at large to read and comment on it.

For those who do, Kudos to them for being proactive. However, that does not give them the right to act like overindulged belligerent snobs who believe that they have the right to take over the discussion in any sphere single handedly.

I do not have any reason for shouting out loud just now. Just that I felt this growing irritability when I read about people who constantly kept up a diatribe about some people writing “bad blogs.”

I mean, it is all right to crib about some things once a while, but I seriously believe that there is something wrong with those who keep on cribbing about something on-and-on-and-on all the time. Either they do not have plots to write about, or they are usually prone to having things done their way, which would make them a little better than 2 year old babies, ideally because they do not wet their beds!

Which would bring me to the topic of discussion which I originally wanted to write about. Babies. No, not Child Sexual Abuse. But babies. Just those cuddly pieces of pie who tend to melt in your hands and scream with the utmost levels of animosity if he or she has the colic. Those people who have the power to give us instant happiness. I guess that snaps of smiling babies indeed do make your day.

One of my old chat friends has recently had twins, Ethan and Ella, and the snaps that have been sent across are just too cute. Stephanie Hildebran, here’s to a successful life with the tiny tots. Here’s a snap of theirs demanding a lot of attention from their momma dearest. He he… enjoy!!!

That apart, it is a favourite pastime of both me and Ria to check out kids wherever we walk, whether it be the mall, or on the street. We cannot resist staring at the kids, and occasionally, hold their hands or smile at them. There are so many varieties of them that it is not a matter of joke. There are funny babies, naughty babies, cranky babies, angry babies, hungry babies, wet babies, cute babies, handsome babies, sleepy babies, sleeping babies, bawdy babies, noisy babies, quiet babies, smiling babies, frowning babies, pink babies, black babies, rude babies, polite babies… and the list goes on.

Ria and me know for a fact that we would have the loveliest kid in the whole wide world. My daughter would be the cutest, smartest, most beautiful, best behaved, most reasonable and the envy of the whole neighbourhood. We have even thought of a name for her, Saisha. She would be the apple of our eyes.

Which brings me to the term “apple of my eye”. One can be the apple of someone’s eye, but what if he or she is the apple of multiple eyes? Would we call him (or her) the apple(s) of their eyes? Does it not seem factually correct if I say that? And yet, English is a strange language.

I have been searching for a few snaps of the cutie pies, and these are what I came up with… Laugh your heart out, and enjoy!!! Pictures Courtesy Anne Geddes

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



yossarian said...

I agree on the "bad blog " issue .It's nobody's business what I do on my personal blog .If you do not like it , please do not visit it .I think that should be the attitude of all " unserious bloggers" if there is anything like that .

EvolutioN said...


Very very true... there have been much that has been written about the "Bad Blog" syndrome... However, as has been enumerated in my diatribe againt this supposed "bad practise", it is not for anyone to actually decide. Much like the Film awards, you give accolades to a person whose blog you enjoy reading, but that does not give you the right to deny anyone from making a film in the way that he desires to...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



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