Thursday, March 30, 2006

To the land of Biryani and Back...

Spent some amazing days at Hyderabad. Therefore, largely due to exhaustion, and partly due to a drunken haze, and partly due to sheer laziness, Evolution has been away from the blogosphere. But now he thinks it is his duty to update on what he has been doing for the past few days.

15th March:

Left for Hyderabad. All day journey. Was damn hot on the way. Slept most of the time. Smoked away a pack of fags. Boring.

16th March:

Reached Hyderabad. Tulsi was at the station. For those of you who havent met this amazing guy, he'z a friend whom you can depend on with your life. Took me to his place where I had the yummiest of breakfasts. Went out with him immediately afterwards to watch Maalamal Weekly. Thought it was a third class movie. Walked all around Hyderabad, including NTR Gardens, and went to the Buddha statue in the middle of the Hussein Sagar Lake. Called up Ria in the middle. She refused to come to Hyderabad.

17th March

Went to see the Zoo. Awesome place to be. I for one have green fingers, and make it a point to visit the zoo when I can. Found the zoo to be pretty impressive, and huge. The elephants were regal, the monkeys were amusing, and the tortoises were S-L-O-W. Had some samosas and a Thums Up (a rare occasion when I do drink soft drinks!!!) and plenty of Biryani at this place called Paradise before I came back, to pack up and leave for Bangalore. Missing Ria too much. Tulsi again went and dropped me off again at the station, and Aunty prepared a yummy delicious dinner for me!

18th March

Reached Bangalore. Checked into a really cheap and a shady hotel (because of lack of funds). Went out immediately to meet Ria afterwards. Met up with Soummoda and the rest of the gang, promising to come over and stay at their place on that day itself. Met up with Ria for lunch.

19th March

Went out with Ria, saw a movie (Brokeback Mountain). Thought it was so-so, and had a good time afterwards. Met up with Spanny after a loooooooooong time, and had a good time chatting with her. In the meanwhile, had a small tiff with Ria, who wanted to spend some more time in Commercial Street, and Spanny had to come back because her friends were waiting at Garuda, so dropped off Spanny at Garuda, and returned with a really grumpy Ria... He he, she looks so cute when she is grumpy!!! :D

20th March

Read the Da Vinci Code for most of the day, and met up with Ria after her classes, to go and eat lunch. Had a great lunch at Aman's Rasoi (There's this small eatery next to the PESIT, which does damn good veg food.) Spent the rest of the day chatting with sweetheart, and dropped her off at her hostel.

21st March

Met up with Ria again (Quite a time we had...), and dropped her off at college, again to meet with her for lunch. Had lunch with Joy and her, and dropped her off at her hostel from where I came to the station. Lost my ticket in the middle. Made an application, where I did a duplicate ticket, and called up my sweetheart for one last time in the middle, all in the space of 20 minutes. Boarded the train, and immediately went off to sleep.

22nd March

Reached Hyderabad at an unearthly hour in the morning (5:30). Called up Ria, where she, in a really hot sleepy voice asked me not to call again when shez sleeping. (She had an exam that day) DUH... he he, shez too sweet... Reached Babuli Kaku's house after waiting for 1/2 an hour at the station, somewhere at 6:30 in the morning, and took a bath. Tung Tang and Rimjhim were just awake when I came, and they greeted me with biiiiiig smiles when I arrived. (How sweet!!!) Mothing much I did, except for calling up Tulsi, and watching a movie with him (Taxi Number 9 2 11). Liked the movie, and the songs. Went to Nanda Mashi's place, and had some food, before heading off towards Babuli Kaku's Home again.

23rd March

Morning saw Tukan going to office again, with promises that he would take the next day off, and that we were going to do something, and I went off with Tung and Rimmi to watch Taxi No 9 2 11 again... Liked it the second time around too, and had a long walk before coming back home, and asking Ria whether she would come to Hyderabad or not... He he, she refused again...

24th March

Tukan and me finally get outta town for some fun. Got really really drunk in Ameerpet, then watched a movie (Being Cyrus). Different movie, powerful amazing actors, though I believe that I could not identify with the movie because it was primarily on Parsis, of which I knew very few customs. Nonetheless, liked it a helluva lot.

25th March

Nothing much happens, except that I laze about house the whole day, and go out in the evening to meet up with dear brother, and have a beer. And have a full plate of Biryani when I come back, drunk, but apparently sober. Have mastered the art of appearing sober when I am actually seeing three images. He he...

26th March

Last day in Hyderabad. I decide to spend it at Tukan's place, and we go out in the evening, have Biryani, and wash it down with plenty of beer and whisky. Get dead drunk, and somehow manage to keep the motorcycle on two wheels. I almost sleep off, and we arrive at Skyline to watch Tom Yoo Gung. DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PLOT. However, superb action sequences, while the hero mouths just one dialogue throughout the movie. "Where is my elephant?", with a minor variation, "Give me my elephant...". Much fun, since I saw flying people killing seven people high monsters. He he.

Went home dead drunk. Ria called up. It was the 5th Month after we started going around, and we spoke for 24 minutes on STD.


27th March

Went back to Babuli Kaku's house early in the morning, packed and came back to Mashi's place, where I had awesome aalu posto with rice, and dal. Chatted with Tukan... Mesho called an auto, and I left for the station. Boarded the train, and it left 20 minutes late.

28th March

Arrived in Kolkata, exhausted. Ria drops a message asking me to call her. I do, she breathes a sigh of relief, and exclaims as to why I did not call her as of yet. I tell her that I was in no positin to call her. After the lovey dovey fight, head off to home, where I sleep off early.

Just about picked up the tickets for the travel on the 17th by Faluknama again. This time, am taking the stuff along. Ria has refused to come along to Hyderabad. Some problem she has. Hope that she does come along for some time.

2 30 in the night. Yet am not feeling exhausted. I feel taut, like a bow pulled too hard.

Love her.

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



driver said...

wot happened 2 ur orkut id?

EvolutioN said...

ummm... good question, i dont quite know... didnt register... why???

Hafta do it... dont know as of yet...


btw, hows work???

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



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