Thursday, March 09, 2006

To Sayantani...

I know that there was never anything between us... I have never made any pretence that there was. Just that you would never lay it to rest.

There have been times when VERY VERY close friends have come up and told me stuff about you. There have been times when they told me:

"Sagnik, why do you not do something about it? Why dont you talk just like she talks?"

Sayantani, understand this. I was never vengeful, or spiteful. And I was never one who would be vindictive enough to go out and talk about someone else, just because he or she was in love with me at one point of time... (I donno, even that sounds like a fake to me right now...)

People have told me that you have never had anything positive to say about me. They have said that you have had nothing but degrading stuff to say about me. You have never said anything which can be called anything less than libel.

And Sayantani, if you are reading this, I trust that you would not refute my statements. Or maybe, just like anytime else, you would come up with something which would sound even more ridiculous.

And to think that I trusted you, again and again.

It should have been a prerogative on my part. I should have started to finish you off. You have no idea how easy it is, if I really put my mind to it.

Does not take much, just a drunk line like "I have slept with her" is enough to finish you off... Would you ever try to refute that claim?

Sayantani, perhaps you would never understand that the kind of lifestyle that you hope to attain now, is something that I have been living in for three generations.

You were, and would always remain an upstart.

You were never worthy of my trust. Not anyone's trust.

A simple example... How do I know of everything that you have said all these days??? Think about it... I know, because people have told me... And think about the kind of standing that you have with people who talk about the stuff that you have told them in confidence... and think about the confidence that I induce in them... You have your answer...

Something that I wanted to end with. Compare what we have in the Univ.

I command the respect and the bonhomie and the camarederie of the five years that exist in the univ, as well as the batch that has passed out. A respect that is commanded out of gravity, rather than hankering for publicity, something that you had shamelessly indulged in over the past few years.

You have been needlessly spiteful all these days. It was high time I had my say in the whole matter.

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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