Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Extreme Horror...

Was watching a Ramsay Brothers horror flick a few hours back. Before the era of the Ram Gopal Vermas and the Manoj Night Shyamalans, were the original horror kings, the Ramsay brothers, complete with the Bhoot Banglas, the toota hua Havelis, and the humongous ghosts, who appeared out of nowhere, and laughed demonically at everything.

In common parlance, we would term the Ramsay Flicks as staright loony, if not anything else, however, there are some points that need to be brought in focus here. It is undoubtedly these movies which made the front page headlines at one stage of time, and these are the ones which provided the back drop which are used even now for the scary movies, like the the broken old houses, the tons of smoke and the scary people.

After all, there has to be an original, and when we are talking about "Original" when it comes to horror, look no further than the Ramsays for inspiration. I quite liked the flick with the 7 feet high moster trying to gobble up the heroine. There was a liberal amount of skinshow and sex thrown in (move aside Mallika Sherawat), somehow achieving the ultimate motive of scaring the people out of their skin.

Talking Sex, there seems to be a deep seated connection between sex and terror. Studies have revealed that the people living in a specific area in Texas had thrice the amount of sex after their places were ravaged after a life threatening earthquake and a cyclone.

The theory goes that after an event which has the possibility of taking away the life of a person happens, that person tries to get in touch with the things that he holds most dear to him, whether that be his folks, his girlfriend, or his spouse. That essentially means that there is more bonding time that is received at that end. When that happens, people automatically turn to activities which give them a sense of relief from the pressures of the world. At a heightened time of tension, it is, therefore no big deal that sex is tripled.

Which brings me to an even more interesting topic. If this happens after the incident has occured, why is then there a skin show and sex even before the routine horror has actually started? There may be multiple reasons as to this. However, the most plausible explanation that comes to mind is that the combination of horr-ex (apologies to the english pundits who must be cringing at this) is perhaps the most appealing.

The sense of things that are most appealing are the things that we have not had had the chance to explore or understand fully. The matters of the mind which we do not fully understand always beckon to us. In a sex-starved world, where we always are looking for gratification outside the woman waiting at home, the beckon of the big screen with half naked women running about is too much to resist.

Blatant sexuality is also a matter of concern on the small screen. Kareena Kapoor jutting out her posterior on the new Pepsi TV Advertisement is a case in point. Understood that the point was to highlight the "bubbly TV" funda, but a boy in his early teens, looking at a simpering Shah Rukh Khan staring at the behind of a buxom woman is not good sex-education material.

Someone get this into the advertiser's head that no matter how well shaped the (ass)ets of a woman may be, it is certainly not just to thrust these on young formative minds.

I run the risk of being called an MCP here, but I cannot help it.

Thats the way I feel. As Ria says "Hell Ya!!!"

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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