Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Nain Katari Akhiyan hoo...
Nain Katari Akhiyan...

Tera Mukhda jaise chand pyaara,
Tera Bhola Bhala Roop kabara,
Zakhmi hua hai dil bechara,

I just wanna love you...

Tere Nain Katari,
Mere Ram Dulari...

A very hummable tune... I realise that my choice of songs have one common thread running through all of them. They HAVE to have the power to take you off your feet and make you dance! Like the present song by A Band of Boys, which, apart from being a very very hummable tune, also has a very cute video with an extremely yummy girl...

Which reminds me, the yummiest of women is returning to the silver screen... Here's three cheers to Kajol!!! I love ya... for ever and ever!!! Tell me, after that snap which you are witnessing, who can not help, but fall in love with those wonderful coal black eyes?

Speaking of eyes, I think that this is one place which should list out the people, who, in my opinion, should be banned from hoardings on highways because they are very likely to be accident inducing.

(By that gubberish, I mean that I am listing out women who have beautiful eyes in Bollywood.) he he =))

(a) Udita Goswami: A bombshell. Look at those eyes... Sexy!!!

(b) Rani Mukherjee: This Bong Bombshell has got B-E-A-UUTIFULL eyes... Large and most decidedly brown, they are one of the most expressive that I have seen.

(c) Shilpa Shetty: This Marathi stunner has another set of the most beautiful eyes that I have coe across. Droooooollll factor definitely high.

Thats about it, when it comes to the femme fatales of Bollywood... (at least as far as their eyes are concerned...)

As I, in my gramatically correct Indian English would put it:

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholdee."

he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Anonymous said...

hey can u send me the song... id is , thanks in advance..

Anonymous said...

ou est aishwarya?

EvolutioN said...


I donno who u are, but me thinks that Aish is very very plastic. I like eyes with a bit of expression, hers is very glassy, without a hint of emotion. They are beautiful, yes, but without emotion... something which I do not like.

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



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