Friday, April 07, 2006

For those who haven't heard the remixed version of "Bluffmaster Megamix", go listen. Vishal and Shekhar has done an absolutely F-A-B-ULOUS job.

For those others who care to listen, my favourite tracks at the moment are:

(a) Taqdeer se Bigdi Hui: The Retro Mix. (Bluffmaster Megamix)

(b) Right Here Right Now: The Dhol Mix. (Bluffmaster Megamix)

(c) Tere Nain Katari: A Band of Boys. (Gaane Bhi Do Yaaron)

(d) Bombai Nagariya: Vishal Dadlani. (Taxi No. 9 2 11)

(e) Sajana: Veronica (Theen)

(f) Saali: Shehzaad Roy (Buri Baat Hai)

Hmmm... am in the mood for a song and dance routine... (and plenty of love)...

he he

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Anonymous said...

add up the hip hop mix f sabse bada rupaiya ...!!! really cooll!!

trivialinc said...

Ok, those were some cool tracks. But Sagnikda also check out the song Yaad (from Shehzaad Roy's Buri Baat Hai), and also the songs Tu Hi Shab Hai & Ya Ali (esp. the remixed version) from Gangster. They are truly rocking!


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