Monday, October 16, 2006

am feeling very very homesick.

am missing riya.

am missing saurya.

am missing driving my car.

am missing the days doing nothing.

am missing KCD.

am missing gariahat.

am missing waking up to a familiar room.

am missing bro.

wanna go home...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith



Debalina said...

u have become so MISS

Arjya said...

and you dont miss me????? how could you???? bastard!!!

EvolutioN said...

@ Debalina

And u have become very very missed!!!

@ Arjya

What exactly do I mean by BRO?????? Read... u duffer...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


Kutz said...

And u don't miss tupul????????


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