Saturday, October 04, 2008

There is something deep within which is gnawing at the very root of the subliminal existence which we now boast of. Something that we can see, can perceive, yet cannot complain about, because it is not out in the open.

Take everywhere, for example.

These ridiculous bans that are cropping up everywhere. In Mumbai, you have to write the name of your establishment in Marathi.

You cannot dance in a disc in Bangalore (or smoke for that matter, being a smoker, I am in two minds about it, but at least it is for a general good cause, and its pan India, so understandable). You have to be home by 11 30. You have to have a valid reason why you are sitting on a rock all alone at 10 00 in the night. Some minister says drinking alcohol should be banned, and people should drink milk instead (?????).

In West Bengal, one single woman, in order to pursue her own selfish needs, makes a mockery of the whole system, and causes unquantifiable losses to the state. Needless to mention, the land which has been acquired will STILL not be given back. Good news no?

This is all with a purpose! Streak, I hate to say this. But the purpose is to create an outflux. The purpose is to send the non - indigenous people back "where they came from". You want more examples? Take a look at Orkut! You have alarming communities on the web which says "Bangalore is full, Go back"!

The question is, should we, the man on the road, sit back? Should we let the other people, aided by a bunch of nincompoops who dare to call themselves the government and/ or the opposition rule our lives?

Should we not take a stand, and speak loud and clear, India is one. It should be one, and those who oppose it, pick them off the streets and mutilate them in public.

Autocracy has its cons, but I guess that is what is needed now.

Its a pressure cooker situation in here, and somebody desperately needs to take up the reins!



PS: Originally published as a comment on Streak's post, but I had the impression this merits a separate post after I wrote it.
Also, many thanks to Max for shaping my opinion!


Debalina said...

Now, after a long long time this is something I loved reading.
Yes, you can stand up as one India and oppose the ruler or the opposition for that matter, but you'll be opposed, wrote off with the mindless mayhem, power, money and desire to get votes.
Remember the line from RDB, "Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta" . Seriously, nothing can be done.
You need to have desire to do something, make it successful but 1 person doesn't make a difference.

So, lets just get out of here.
"There must be some kind
of way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief... "

EvolutioN said...

but debalina, will "getting out of here" really serve the purpose?

we will be playing subservient to the very people who have deemed it fit to divide the country on the basis of crude, region based politics. :@



Streak said...

First of all, yes it does merit a separate post...and secondly, i still stick to the plan with the beer n buckshot... :P

EvolutioN said...


I completely, wholeheartedly, absolutely and positive agree.





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