Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I had decided once that I would never ever fight with my Ma again, and I had stuck to that for a long time. Its just that me and Ma are such that we cannot but fight over very hopeless small idiotic issues. And in the end, I feel sad, she feels sad, and then btoh of us come up and say sorry, and are happy again. Cute no??? he he.

But then, I guess that it was MY doing today... I mean, I have been down over the past few days, and the fact is that the distance has been taking a toll on me. I mean, there are times when I wanted to run away from this godforsaken place, never to come back again. I wish to God I could. I mean, Okie, there are times when you feel lonely and depressed, but I have never been one to run away from problems.

Uh huh, I know, I know, I mean, I have been trying to fix up big things out here. Lets see what happens. Met Emmanuel online today. Talked a lot about old times, and promised to meet up with him today evening. Lets see... I like him.

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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