Sunday, December 04, 2005

Abominable State of Call Centres

There was recently an article about Call Centre Employees.


I would say that there have been articles about Call Centre employees too, but this one focusses on a problem that have recently accelerated over the years. The main problem that I envisage is that the cheap labour that India can provide, and that too, technically superior labour.

However, is it really our problem if the labour is cheaper and better in India than in USA? IS it a problem that we are just better at technology than them?

My father has a friend who has business based in China. He was talking the other day about the fact that there is technically so much cheap labour there, that the average labour there would work for two meals a day. They expect no payment, they are given none.

But the problem, as I see it, does not merely stop at that. Had it been simply a case of cheap labour being available in one country, the Western Countries would have made it a point to introduce tax cuts, advantages and such others to help the industries. However, the problem does not stop there.

It is a case of racial abuse which stumps me completely. How white is superior to black is one question which might never be answered. Personally, I believe that white might be superior because you might avoid bumping into a fairw man in the night. But a few minor grunts apart, I do not see how White is superior to Black.

Do I say this because it is Debalina Das which is the subject of the article? For those who know me, they would understand that it not as simple as that. I would not simply take up a case because my girlfriend features in it! True, I am proud of her speaking out, I know of many more cases where it is brushed under the carpet...

But realistically speaking, I think that there are some very serious issues that need to be talked about. Racial Discrimination is abhorable, and I think that it goes against the very structure of society. I believe that the Right to Life, as enshrined under Article 21 of the Constitution of India, as also the fact that has been laid out by the Apex Court in multiple cases, stating that "life" that the Indian Constitution talks about is not just life in black and white. It just does not mean that the State does not have the right to take away the Life of an Individual except by operation of Law, but also has the duty to provide for the very basic needs of the Human Being, in order to make his life more meaningful.

That essentially means that when making racialistic comments, a person is actually questioning the ethnic identity of a person who is being abused. Does that not mean that The State as Parens Patria should take steps so that this is not repeated? Is it not possible for big companies to trace the call, and thereby establish who made the call?

And for those of you who are shouting about Data Protection and Privacy, let there be tiered management and there be specified individuals who, by virtue of being in a certain managerial position would have have the right to trace certain calls. That would, for the time being, take care of the Privacy issue.

I really think that it is high time the people started standing up for their rights. They really need to speak out against these injustices. Not that it materially hurts. It just hurts mentally. Why should we, with people as Ramanujan, Raman, Abdul Kalam, Bose, Saha and half the world's IT brilliants as our stock be ashames of being what we are?

We are black, we are brown, we may be any f****ng colour... how does it matter to the cheap prick sitting on the other end of the phone?

Stand up for your rights, I say. Shout out. Kill the b****rds who mouth obscenities, believing that being "blessed" with a white complexion is good for them.


Love, laughter n Keep the Faith


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Oh Mi Gosh!! I had not thought about tht angle...How many ppl dont act nicy nice to white color when its on skin and say tht black is so majestic...beautiful black skies or black dress or car....Anyways even though we r technically advanced, why dont we have the user end technology in our country..we r technically advanced to boost the technical output of another economy,,Cant we be so tech savy??? Is it consumption or is it the very availability of the tech products to Indian consumers?


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